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Physiotherapy helps to restore movements and functions when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It takes a holistic approach that involves patient directly in his/her own care.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

1. Reduces pain
Therapeutic exercises and techniques like joint mobilization and electrotherapy helps the muscles and joint functions to reduce pain

2. Improves balance
As you get older, bone density starts lowering and you lose muscles strength. The weakening of bones causes imbalance. Physiotherapy works for prevention of falls and helps stability by strengthening of muscles.

3. Improves movements and mobility
Stretching exercises and strengthening exercises helps to improve the ability to move. The problems of walking ,moving ,or standing can all be treated by physiotherapy.

4. Avoid surgery
Physiotherapy reduces and heals pains. But if surgery is must then Physiotherapy helps you recover fast after surgery.

5. Helps age related issues
Physiotherapy treatments effectively cure all joints pains like arthritis by manual and electrotherapy.

6. Neurological treatment
Physiotherapy  treats illness or injuries in nerves like stroke, traumatic brain injuries  etc. Continuous physiotherapy helps the Nerves to gain strength.

7. Cardiopulmonary disorders
Breathing exercises help  in strengthening the lungs and clear the fluid present in the lungs.

8. Manage blood pressure
Regular exercise calm the body and mind which regulates the proper blood flow in the body.

9. Prevents from injury to occur
Muscles strengthening ,flexibility and balance exercises prevent from injury to occur.

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